The main idea of this tool was triggered by my nice colleague Mark. He is a confirmed Linux user since his very early teens. So he'll always start to rail against the tricky window handling implemented in Redmond, WA if he is pained to use some widespread software products.

The main intention of NiftyWindows is the provision of an easy user control of all basic window interactions like dragging, resizing, maximizing, minimizing, closing and many others. The idea is to perform the central interactions with a single hand without any need to press some tricky key combinations like other tools or window managers enforce.
One of the mostly unused mouse features is the press and drag of the RIGHT_BUTTON. Therefore this mouse action is used for the main features as explained below. The superior principle is to keep all features efficient but simple.

Note: The basic window interactions mentioned above cannot be applied to all windows because there are some special treatments (e.g. context menus or maximized windows). If you really like to enforce the power of NiftyWindows to these windows also, you can press (and hold) CTRL before you start using a certain feature to manipulate these windows as well. With this forced mode you can drag and resize the given (see below) "special windows" (makes sense) as well as adjust the bounds of context menus and other (naturally) unchangeable GUI components (be careful).

During the development process many innovative ideas came up (and were implemented certainly). So we had to choose further keys to provide some simple trigger combinations to you. We decided to use the four most left-bottom keys (WIN, CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) on your keyboard as trigger combination only, to keep it simple.

The following list contains many features and modifiers. A modifier is used in combination with a feature action to provide some additional control. If there are more than one modifier specified for a single feature, certainly all of the given modifiers are freely combinable to provide the maximum flexibility in all situations.

This tool provides the following features to significantly improve the user-interface-flow:

The following features are less common because they depend on special applications and tools which may be installed on your system:

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